Kneehigh Boots For Women

Chloe Bennett
11 min readMar 30, 2024



Looking for a fashionable and practical footwear option? Check out our roundup of the top kneehigh boots for women! From classic design to trendy styles, we have curated a selection of boots that will surely elevate your wardrobe game. Explore our picks and find the perfect pair that matches your fashion sensibilities and lifestyle.

The Top 5 Best Kneehigh Boots For Women

  1. Elegant Heeled Women’s Knee-High Boot — Madden Girl WILLIAM boots for women in black and size 11 offer a versatile and eye-catching design with pull-on style, polyurethane upper material, and a rounded square toe, perfect for both professional and date night looks.
  2. Feminine Faux Suede Fashion Boot with Pull-on and Adjustable Topline — Step into chic elegance with Charles by Charles David’s Owen Velvet Over-the-Knee Boots in black, featuring a pull-on design with adjustable tie at the topline, faux suede construction, and a covered block heel for a timeless touch.
  3. Trendy Chunky OTK Boot by Charles David — Indulge in style with the Charles by Charles David Gammon Over The Knee Boot in a chic black finish, featuring a textile upper, pull-on design with self-ties, padded insole, and synthetic sole, perfect for enhancing your wardrobe’s sophisticated vibe.
  4. Fashionable Faux Leather Knee-High Boots by Style & Co. — Graceful and versatile, the Style & Co. Graciee Knee-High Boots in Clay Grey provide an elevated touch to any look with a sophisticated, straight silhouette.
  5. Brown Knee-High Heeled Boot with Croc Embossing — Women’s Size 6 — Experience the perfect combination of style and comfort with the Women’s Ninety Union London Knee High Heeled Boot in Brown, featuring a 3-inch heel, croc embossed material, and an inside full-length zipper for effortless wear.

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Elegant Heeled Women’s Knee-High Boot


I recently tried on the Madden Girl Williams Boot and it was quite a unique experience. These boots stood out from other footwear I have tried due to their striking design. The side zipper closure was a thoughtful addition, especially given the rounded square toe design.

However, one downside I found was the polyeurethane upper material. While the material might offer durability, it seemed to lack the comfort and smoothness I have grown accustomed to.

Feminine Faux Suede Fashion Boot with Pull-on and Adjustable Topline


Charles by Charles David’s Women’s Owen Fashion Boot has become my go-to footwear choice for winter. The faux suede construction was a highlight for me, as it added a touch of luxury to my outfit. The pull-on style with the adjustable tie at the topline made the boot comfortable and easy to wear.

However, I felt the heel height could have been slightly higher, and the ankle and heel cup were a little loose due to the pull-on design. Overall, the boot was comfortable, stylish, and perfect for chilly weather.

Trendy Chunky OTK Boot by Charles David


Recently, I decided to add some spice to my wardrobe with the Charles by Charles David Gammon Over The Knee Boot — Black. This shoe offers a stylish and comfy way to keep your feet warm and cozy during the chilly months.

One thing I immediately noticed when I first tried them on was the padded insole. I found it incredibly comfortable and supportive, allowing me to walk around for extended periods without feeling any discomfort. The textile upper also added a sense of luxury and style to the boot, making me feel more confident in my outfit.

However, I did notice a couple of cons as well. For one, the shoes are a bit slouchy and wrinkled in appearance. While it’s not a big dealbreaker, it’s something I’d expect from a higher-end brand. Additionally, the tie at the top of the boots is not elasticized, which makes them less convenient to wear.

Despite these minor setbacks, I’m thoroughly enjoying my Charles by Charles David Gammon Over The Knee Boot — Black. Their trendy design and comfortable fit make them a great addition to my wardrobe, and I’m excited to continue wearing them throughout the season.

Fashionable Faux Leather Knee-High Boots by Style & Co.


When I first put on the Graciee knee-high boots from Style & Co, I was immediately impressed by their chic, versatile design. The straight silhouette of the boots accentuated my look, making them perfect for both casual and dressier occasions.

One of the features that stood out to me was the zip-up closure. This made it easy to slip into the boots and adjust the fit accordingly. I found them super comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.

However, I did notice a minor issue with the boots — they came folded with foam rollers, and the material on the outside became wrinkled. I had to stuff the boots to try and reduce the wrinkles, but it wasn’t a perfect solution. Additionally, the sewing job on the boots was a bit sloppy, with the thread hanging and the top looking frayed. I had to carefully cut the thread and the frayed parts to make it look better.

Overall, the Graciee boots offer both style and comfort, but the wrinkling issue and subpar sewing are things to consider before making a purchase.

Brown Knee-High Heeled Boot with Croc Embossing — Women’s Size 6


I recently tried the Women’s Ninety Union London Knee High Heeled Boot in Brown Size 6 for a fancy event. The first thing that caught my eye was the croc embossed material — it looked both luxurious and stylish. The rubber sole and inside full length zipper made the boots comfortable to wear, even after a long day of standing and walking.

The heel height of approximately 3 inches was just the right amount for me to feel both confident and comfortable. I loved the full length outside zipper, as it made it easy to put on and take off the boots. The approximate circumference of 15 inches fit my calves perfectly, and the shaft height of 14 inches added an elegant touch to the overall design.

The one downside I noticed was that the boots were only available in whole sizes, so I had to size up slightly to fit my feet. However, it was not a deal breaker, as I was able to wear a thick pair of socks to adjust the fit.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Women’s Ninety Union London Knee High Heeled Boot in Brown Size 6. The combination of style, comfort, and practicality made them a great addition to my wardrobe. I highly recommend these boots for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable option for their next special occasion.

Buyer’s Guide

Knee-high boots for women have been a popular fashion choice for many years, providing both comfort and stylishness. With various materials, designs, and features available, it can be challenging to find the perfect pair. This buyer’s guide is here to help you navigate the world of knee-high boots for women and find the best fit for your needs and preferences.


Important Features to Consider

When shopping for knee-high boots for women, it’s essential to consider the following features to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. 1. Material: Determine which material suits you the best — leather, suede, canvas, or synthetic. Each material has different advantages and disadvantages, including durability, ease of maintenance, and breathability. 2. Heel Height: Consider how high you want your heels to be. Some options include flat, low heels, medium heels, and high heels. Your choice will depend on your personal comfort and the intended occasion.

Design and Style

  1. Design and Style: Knee-high boots come in various designs, such as classic, pointed, ankle-strapped, and zippered. Select the design that best fits your style and preferences. 4. Fastening Method: Decide on the fastening method that suits you the most. There are options like zippers, laces, velcro, and buckles. Each method offers different levels of security and adjustability. Consider your comfort level and preferred appearance when making your choice.

Additional Features and Considerations

  1. Comfort: Comfort is a crucial aspect when selecting knee-high boots. Ensure that the boots have enough cushioning for your feet and a properly-fitted size. Pay close attention to the inside lining, heel counter, and arch support. 6. Weather Resistance: If you plan to wear your boots in harsh weather conditions, consider those with waterproof or water-resistant materials and coatings. 7. Brand Reputation: Research the brand’s reputation for quality, durability, and customer satisfaction before making a purchase.

General Advice for Knee-High Boots

  1. Try Them On: Always try on the boots before purchasing, and consider walking or standing in them for a few minutes to ensure they are comfortable. 9. Care Instructions: Learn about proper cleaning and maintaining your knee-high boots to ensure they last long. 10. Seasonal Use: If you live in a warm climate, consider purchasing knee-high boots made from lightweight, breathable materials for hot weather. For colder climates, invest in insulated or thermal knee-high boots to stay warm.


What are kneehigh boots for women?

Kneehigh boots for women are a type of footwear that reaches the knee or slightly higher on the leg. They are designed to cover the foot, ankle, and part of the calf, providing protection and comfort during various activities. These boots are available in various styles, materials, and designs, catering to diverse fashion preferences and weather conditions.

Kneehigh boots for women can be worn with a wide range of outfits, including dresses, skirts, pants, and jeans. They are an excellent choice for both casual and formal occasions, as well as for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or running errands in cold or wet weather. Some popular styles of kneehigh boots include ankle boots, hiking boots, and riding boots.


What are the benefits of wearing kneehigh boots?

Kneehigh boots offer several benefits for women. Firstly, they provide adequate coverage and protection for the foot, ankle, and calf, especially during outdoor activities or cold weather. This makes them a great choice for people who live in areas with unpredictable weather or need to spend time outdoors for their daily routine.

Secondly, kneehigh boots are versatile and can be worn with various outfits, making them a must-have for any wardrobe. They can easily transition from casual to formal settings, allowing women to look stylish and polished in any situation. Lastly, kneehigh boots are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and designs, catering to diverse fashion preferences and budgets.

How do I choose the right kneehigh boot for my body type?

To choose the right kneehigh boot for your body type, consider the proportions of your leg, ankle, and calf. If you have a smaller or shorter leg, opt for a boot with a shorter calf length to create the illusion of longer legs. If you have a larger or longer leg, consider a boot with a longer calf length to visually balance your proportions.

Additionally, consider the style of the boot and your personal preferences. If you prefer a more feminine, delicate look, consider a boot with a pointed toe and a low heel. If you prefer a more rugged, durable look, consider a boot with a chunky heel and a sturdy sole. Lastly, choose a boot that complements the colors and patterns of your clothing, as well as the accessories you plan to wear with the boots.


What materials are kneehigh boots made from?

Kneehigh boots for women are made from various materials, including leather, suede, vinyl, and synthetic materials like PU or PVC. Each material offers different benefits and drawbacks in terms of durability, water resistance, breathability, and comfort. Leather and suede are popular choices for their natural look and durability, while vinyl and synthetic materials are often waterproof and more affordable.

Choose a material that fits your needs and preferences, considering factors such as the climate in your region, your budget, and the type of activities you will be using the boots for. Additionally, ensure that the material is of high quality and designed to withstand wear and tear, as this will extend the life of your boots and provide better value for your money.

What are the different styles of kneehigh boots?

There is a wide variety of styles of kneehigh boots for women, including ankle boots, hiking boots, riding boots, fashion boots, and many more. Some popular styles include a chunky heel, a pointed toe, a flat sole, a stacked heel, and a platform sole. The choice of style depends on personal preferences, the occasion, and the desired level of comfort and functionality.

When choosing a style of kneehigh boot, consider your comfort, the activities you will be using the boots for, and how well the boot will fit your leg, ankle, and calf. Choose a style that complements the rest of your outfit, and one that you feel confident and comfortable wearing. Additionally, consider the material of the boot and its durability, as well as the level of water resistance and protection it offers.

How do I care for my kneehigh boots?

To care for your kneehigh boots, follow these simple steps: firstly, regularly clean the boots using a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and debris. Secondly, use a leather or suede cleaning solution to maintain the shine and appearance of the material. If the boots become wet, allow them to air dry naturally, avoiding direct heat.

Additionally, store your kneehigh boots in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. This will help preserve the material and prevent discoloration or other damage. Finally, consider using a protective spray or shoe polish to protect the boots from scuffs and stains. This will help extend the life of your boots and maintain their appearance over time.

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